Monday 20 February 2023

Lesson No.4 - The Weekday in German (Deutsch)

   Der Wochentag auf Deutsch  (The Weekday in German)

In this post, we will see the weekday in German. You can compare the meanings of English words with German but don't pronunciation. You can practice pronunciation by reading the German word as you read English. 

Hope this lesson helps you to remember weekdays in German.

In English is simply: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Wow. Easy to learn because we use these day to day. Now let's see weekdays in German. 

  • Weekdays in English to German:
    • Sunday             -   Sonntag
    • Monday           -   Montag
    • Tuesday           -   Dienstag
    • Wednesday      -   Mittwoch
    • Thursday          -   Donnerstag
    • Friday              -   Freitag
    • Saturday          -   Samstag 

This is the way you have to remember it by doing it in continuous practice. If you have any queries do comment out will definitely try to answer your questions.

Weekdays In German
Weekdays In German


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