Friday 7 October 2016

Lesson No. 3 - Greetings in German (Deutsch)

Begrüßung auf Deutsch (Greetings in German)

          In this post we will see greetings in German, and how to answer 1st personal questions. Are as Follows

Hallo!                                 = Hello!                  Guten Morgen!          = Good Morning!

Hi,                                      = Na!,                     Guten Tag!                 = Good Day Or Good Afternoon!

Guten Abend!                    = Good Evening!    Gute Nacht!               = Good night!

Schlaf Schön!                    = Good Night .

           Now we will see the reply to Friends and Family.

 Hallo,Na,Wie geht's?         = Hi,How are you?                      Bis Dann!       = See you!.

 Auf Wiedersehen               = Goodbye,Or See you later!      Bis Bald!        = see you
 Tschüss! or Tschüssi!        =  bye bye.                                   Bis Späater!    = See you later!

 Bis Geich!                         = See you soon!                           Ganz Gut!       = Okay.

 Es geht so!                        = All right!


           Here we complete the greetings. In the next post we will see how to reply for the greetings and thanking someone or How to wish someone and welcome.

           Kindly request to the readers please contact if there is any type of query  in material and also keep post your suggestions.

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