Wednesday 6 July 2016

Lesson No. 2.1 - The Umlaut And Special Letter In German (Deutsch)

                                                    The Umlaut ( Der Umlaut)               

           In the last post ever we learned the basic thing in German as compare to English. So here are the keys for special letter Umlaut and ß.

All keys for German
ß alt + 0223
ü alt + 0252
Ü alt + 0220
ö alt + 0246
Ö alt + 0214
ä alt + 0228
Ä alt + 0196

A = der Apfel(singular)it sound like (ah)    Ä = der Äpfel(plural) it sound like A in English

O = schon  = alredy                                     Ö = schön = Pretty,Hot,Beautiful
Note: the meaning will be changed when there is Umlaut in word

U = die Mutter(singular)it means Mother   Ü = die Mütter(plura)it means Mothers

Example. Dieser mann hat Zwei Mütter.
>>this man has two mothers.

         About the last special letter we will going to discuss after few lesson it will better to learn and understand  the thing with flow of studying.
         In the  next we will see the greetings in German.

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